How to Cure Premature Ejaculation

Posted by Michael Wix April - 11 - 2016 0 Comment
Ejaculation Premature 18

Premature ejaculation is a sexual problem that is common to many men at a certain point in their lives. However, by applying the right methods such as seeking medical intervention, this problem can be completely cured.

1. Wear Condom.Although this may sound simple, works miracles for most men. Ejaculation PrematureWearing a condom reduces stimulation and prolongs ejaculation time.

2. Masturbate.Masturbating for a while before having sex can help to reduce premature ejaculation by delaying the time taken to reach climax.

3. Using different sex positions – Some sex positions such as spooning will greatly reduce pressure on glands thereby delaying ejaculations. You should try as much as possible to avoid active positions such as missionary positions and dog style since they cause a lot of friction and stimulation to the glans causing premature ejaculation.

4. Practicing foreplay – Practicing foreplay before actual intimacy can help to cure premature ejaculation. A genuine foreplay extends the intimate time thereby reducing premature ejaculation.

5. Use edging method – Edging method, also known as orgasm control is a great way of curing premature ejaculation. This method involves sustaining high levels of sexual stimulation and delayed ejaculation. The best edging methods include squeeze method and the stop and start method.

6. Using analgesic cream – Use of an analgesic cream reduces the sensation of glands hence delaying ejaculation. However, this method has one major drawback since this cream can make your partner lose sensation as well.

Ejaculation Premature 177. Changing your thoughts – Thinking sexual thought increases anxiety and excitement, and this is a major cause of premature ejaculation. By changing your habitual thinking, you can cure premature ejaculation. In case you find yourself thinking sexy thoughts, find something that can distract these thoughts such as having a short break.

8. Massaging using egg oil – Massaging the gland using egg oil is another great way of curing premature ejaculation.Egg oil contains some important nutrients such as immunoglobulin, anti-oxidant Xanthophylls, and omega three fatty acids. These nutrients improve the microcirculation of blood in the penile area, reduces stimulation of glands thereby curing premature ejaculation.

9. Practicing PC muscle exercises – Practicing Pubococcygeus (PC), muscle exercises is another great way that helps to cure premature ejaculation. These exercises conditions and strengthens the PC muscle making it more effective inEjaculation Premature 18 controlling ejaculation. Flexing and squeezing the PC muscle regularly especially when urinating or even ejaculating strengthens the muscle helping it to delay ejaculation for a longer period.

10. Seek medical intervention – In case you have tried the above methods without fruitful results, seek medical advice from a medical professional such as psychologist, urologist, etc

In summary, it is clear that premature ejaculation is a common problem to many men. However, by using the right methods for premature ejaculation cure, this problem can be cured. It’s your primary choice to choose which method suits you best.…