Dating A Pregnant Woman

Posted by Michael Wix July - 5 - 2015 0 Comment

Dating a pregnant woman, smart?

If you are dating a pregnant woman who’s man is absent in their life you may have some questions as to whether or not you should be spending time with someone who will soon have a child that is not your own.

No matter how much you care for her and how interested you feel like you are in dating her, you may be asking yourself: is this something I want to deal with?

Is she worth the time and energy that I will have to spend once she has her soon to be child?dating

Will the time you have to spend in supporting your dating partner be worth it in the long run?

Ultimately that is a decision you must make as an individual with the given dating circumstance you currently have found yourself in, but certainly without a doubt there are many things in the dating criteria you should consider, after all you don’t want to let that special someone go just because of a few medical bills, babysitting, or just a few trips to the hospital and doctors offices during the child birth period.

In the dating world men and women alike prefer a partner that suits their own circumstances, nobody wants to be with someone who is always hanging on them, someone who is more trouble than they are worth, that is to say that you don’t want the level of the playing field to be unfair or unbalanced. Dating as well as marriage is a level playing field if the relationship will work.

Thus if you are dating a pregnant woman, as the man in the relationship you should be aware of future circumstances, i.e. what will happen when the baby is born, how is your lady prepared to deal with it and how will you, her non married husband, be able to adjust. It’s no secret that pregnant women are irritable, get tired, uncomfortable and become miserable during the times of their pregnancy.

If you really love the lady in your life pregnant or not, there is really nothing wrong with being there by her side as a friend and dating in the future. Her baby’s daddy may very well pop back in the future later, so you really should consider the father to be’s future role should you continue dating together. The lady might also change however, she may end up feeling as if she needs a break from her dating life or whoever the man in her life is at the moment, so be wary of wasting your time if the relationship is less than close.

The best idea in general is to be a close friend and see how things go as everything progresses. What you should keep in mind is that her life will change dramatically too once the birth occurs, so your role may take a back seat when she has her child.

If you do decide to stick with the pregnant lady, just be ready as obviously things will change when the dating2baby is born, babysitting, hospital and medical expenses are a guaranteed when a child comes into the world. Not to mention is the time consumption that comes with having a child, a mother and her baby are virtually inseparable and she your lady may see things and have a different outlook on the future of your relationship once she has looked into the child’s eyes, you as the man she is dating may become a small priority.

If you love her, support her, help her as and whenever you can. As you do so you should be able to tell if you are right for her and if she is right for you, if nothing else maybe further down the road you can be together with her again, child or no child.…