Penis Extender -Does It Really Work?

Posted by Michael Wix November - 10 - 2016 0 Comment

If you are not comfortable with your penis size, it can be a big problem! Your feelings about your member affect your confidence and self esteem. Hence your social and even your professional life are also affected more than you realize. Do Penis Extenders Really Work? Top 5 Extender Stretchers to Increase Size can really help you solve this puzzle. Many men avoid intimacy and romantic encounters for fear of the embarrassment of being unable to satisfy their partners.

It is not a nice feeling to live in fear of losing the one you love due to sexual issues in a relationship and surveys show over and over again that this is a major reason that many relationships break down and eventually break up. While some women will be polite and say that “size doesn’t matter,” we all know that if she had the choice she would, of course, love the look and feel of an above average member in the same way that men love bigger breasts if given a choice.

What does the market offers?

Nowadays there are many options available if you wish to do somethingdgfdgfdgdfgfdg about it. Medical options that are safe and effective do exist, but they are the “wheat” in amongst a lot of “chaff” that needs sorting. There are many companies out there, of course, wanting to get their slice of a market worth millions with inferior products that are just a plain waste of time and money (if they are not outright dangerous!)

Does A Penis Extender Really Work?

If you have done any research into penis enlargement, you have probably heard of many of the methods available so I won’t go through them all here. The most important thing is what works and balancing this with the issue of cost and value. Penis extenders have a good reputation in the market. They are regarded as the “sure-fire” idiot-proof method of enlargement.


The device applies a set stretching force to your member to cause the cells to split and grow. With more cells, your member becomes larger in both the flaccid and erect states. Unlike exercises that can be either performed correctly or incorrectly, consistently or inconsistently, there is no way that you can have a “bad day” and be ineffective with a penis extender.

How does it work?

dgdfgfdgfdgA good quality penis enlargement extender is medically calibrated and made from type 1 materials (those used in medical instruments). It should have a soft rubber comfort strap with soft gauze pads for comfort. Remember you need to wear it for 4-8 hours a day for the gentle stretching to be effective! Even some of the more expensive extenders still come with the old silicone noose style strap. I would recommend against these as they restrict circulation at the head of the penis. After you have worn it for a month, you will wish you had gone with a comfort strap model, believe me!

How Much Can You Gain & How Quickly

Any device that claims to enlarge your penis by more than 3 inches is probably exaggerating the truth. The average user gains between 1-3 inches within a 3-6 month period. An increase of 30% in length and girth is the usual result from a quality device. So if you are currently 5 inches and you wish to be 9 inches, then it is probably not going to happen, but for most guys going from 5 inches to 7 inches is quite a life-changing event!…